Maintaining Good Hygiene at Home Starting from the Toilet

Good hygiene begins at home and making small changes to your cleaning routine will help to break the chain of germs and infections, and will reduce the risk of common illnesses spreading in the home. To stay healthy, it is important you maintain a good hygiene, especially at home. In the Home, you have different sections like the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, toilet, etc. In which it is necessary to keep them clean. One of the most sensitive parts of the home is the Toilet, and it needs to be kept clean at all times.

Why Maintain Good Hygiene in the Toilet?

Few people enjoy cleaning the toilet. It might not be your favorite chore, but it is an important chore that has to be done. Maintaining a good hygiene in the toilet will help reduce the spread of bacteria in the toilet. Keeping a clean toilet is essential to your health and the health of your family. A clean toilet is not only good for your health but also pleasant for visitors.

How to Improve Your Home Hygiene

As stated earlier, good hygiene begins at home. There is no place like home whether it is tiny or lavish. The home is a place where you feel relaxed no matter what life throws at you. So, keeping your home clean, organized and hygienic is as important as your own body. To maintain cleanliness at home for a hygienic and healthy environment, follow these steps.

1.      Empty and Dispose of Trash Bin Regularly

In a household, the dustbin is the dirt place and it is likely to attract various pests like cockroaches and houseflies that leads to different infections and diseases. To get rid of them, empty and dispose of your trash bin regularly.

2.      Maintain a Dust-Free House

Dusty walls and ceilings are breeding areas of spiders and this can make your house look creepy. It is necessary to clean ceilings and walls periodically. Dust walls and corners, and ceiling fans once a week.

3.      Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen tends to get dirty due to the messy cooking process. Clean the kitchen after each meal and clean up food spills right away to prevent its movement around the home.

What to do if the Toilet gets Clogged

In the process of trying to achieve a good home hygiene, a clogged toilet can be a stumbling block. Do not panic; you can learn how to unclog a toilet or use of any of the steps below to unclog your toilet without the help of a Plumber.

1.      Soap Dish

Pour half a cup of soap dish into your toilet and allow it to settle in the bowl for a little while before trying to flush it. The soap will sink down and coat the sides of the pipe enough to ease the passage mass.

2.      Hot Water

Pour a bucket of hot water and not boiling water into the toilet. This method could help force the clogged mass through the pipe. But ensure that the water used is not boiling, so it won’t crack the porcelain.

3.      Baking Soda and Vinegar

Pour a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into your toilet and let it sit for 30 minutes. It might help unclog the pipe on its own.

Keeping your home clean and healthy is not difficult but it requires time. It is worth the time to maintain a good hygiene at home starting from the toilet so as to help you and your family stay healthy.